Rose Bot
Contributors of @szrosebot , we are friends
βœͺ Bot Founder is me
This are the developers in this amazing project , if you want contact them use telegram .
  • @tinuradinith
  • @MrItzme
  • @Shubhanshutya
  • ​piroXpower​
  • @DeshadeethThisarana
βœͺ Supporters
All Contributors Multi Language:
  • English : Thanks to Theszrosebot(Developers)
  • Hindi : @Shubhanshutya & them​
  • Sinhala : See Here​
  • Italian : @nonmuoiomai
βœͺ My Friends
  • Video Editing : @ImJanith
  • Graphic Design :
You can help in translating rose into your native language!


  • You can help translate rose in Crowdin Platform.
  • URL : [email protected]​
  • Note: If your language isn't listed on that list, you can follow Github way or contact @supunma on telegram

Directly on Github

  • You can download en.yml file from Github Repository.
  • You can translate it to any language you want.
  • File should be named in format : langcode.yml
  • Now, You can make a Pull Request to the Official Github Repo.


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