Rose Bot
Why Rose?
Rose was online since 2021 and helped many admins to keep their groups effectively
Rose was created on August 10, 2021. We are currently developing and maintaining the WilliamButcherBot and Alita_Robot plugin, using only the Pyrogram libarry.​
  • Simple: Rose brings you the best tools with a simple easy to use manner & User Friendly Interactive UI, Fonts and Thumbnails
  • Featured: Rose is the most featured group management bot ever made with advance Anti module
  • Fast: Rose can do things faster in groups
  • Database: When you add Filters notes or such content that data will be stared in our database (Added 2 mongo database )
  • Extras :Extra tools which are available in bot and tools made for get fun
  • Independent: Rose is Maintained by Me, No gbans, No sudo powers. All power belongs to you.
A ready-to-use running instance of this Rose Bot can be found on Telegram as @szrosebot​
Last modified 6mo ago
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